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HUMAN RESOURCES Preparing Job Descriptions

Creating highly specific job descriptions for the organization increases the chance for success. The Job Position Questionnaire is a tool that can be used to create a job description for each desired position. The questionnaire addresses the following critical questions:


Essential purpose. What is the essential purpose of this position?

Primary responsibilities. What primary responsibilities and activities that are characteristic of the job will occupy the major part of this person’s time? Approximately what percent of total time is spent in each activity?

Position complexity.  What are the most complex and difficult problems typically encountered in this position during the year?

User relationships. What user relationships are required in the normal course of operations?

Public relationships. What relationships will be required with members of the public, with vendors or with other companies or organizations?

Organizational relationships. To whom does this individual report? Who reports to this position?

Operating responsibility. What kind of responsibility, decision-making authority or involvement does this individual have in user services, device refurbishment, and/ or delivery?

Administrative responsibility. Does this person have responsibility in personnel recruitment and training, office services or facilities management?

Education, training and experience. What education, training and experience are necessary for a new person to perform the job duties and responsibilities properly? Why is this education, training and/or experience essential?

Fiscal responsibility. How much financial responsibility does this position have?


When these questions have been answered, a job description can be written. See the attached documents for the questionnaire and an example of a job description derived from this form.


A current, accurate job description forms the basis for performance evaluation.



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