Checklist - Sanitizing Durable Medical Equipment

Checklist – Sanitizing Durable Medical Equipment


 ü      List types of devices that will be accepted and require sanitization.

ü      Review manufacturer’s cleaning procedures for devices, if possible. If those are not available, review cleaning procedures recommended by other reliable sources. ü      Create standard procedures for cleaning and disinfecting that will be used by staff at the AT reutilization center. Use those procedures for training the staff (see below) and place a copy in a binder in the work area. ü      Identify the cleaners and disinfectants that will be used. Complete the chart from the PIOC database. Include in the procedures manual and post in the work area. ü      Create a work area for cleaning and disinfecting AT devices with appropriate flooring, lighting, power supply, water access, air circulation and exhaust. See San 5 – Basic Cleaning Procedures in the PIOC database. The work area should conform to OSHA requirements for the work area an d for proper use and storage of chemicals and disinfectants. ü      Stock items needed for worker safety including disposable gloves and safety glasses. ü      Write a safety policy specifying appropriate attire (clothing and shoes) and safety accessories in the cleaning and disinfecting area. ü      Write a policy specifying required training for staff members who will clean and disinfect devices. This should include training in safety regulations (including OSHA requirements) and workplace safety practices, proper use of chemicals and disinfectants, and specific procedures for AT devices. A basic First Aid course may be a requirement.

See individual articles for sanitization procedures for specific devices.



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