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Proper Positioning The elbow should bend a bit (15 to 20 degrees) when the cane is being used. The cane should be held in the hand opposite the side that needs support. Walking

When walking, the cane and the weak leg swing and strike the ground at the same time. To start, position the cane about one small stride ahead and step off on the injured (or weak) leg. Finish the step with the normal leg.


To climb stairs, grasp the handrail (if possible) and step up on the good leg first, with the cane in the hand opposite the injured leg. Then step up on the injured leg. To come down stairs, put the cane on the step first, then the weak leg, and finally the good leg carrying the body weight.

 Optional Accessories for the Cane

In very cold climates, ice tips are desirable. These are attached to aluminum canes to dig into the ice for increased stability. Some canes have wrist straps.


General Guidelines for Use of Canes in the Home

Remove scatter rugs, electrical cords, spills, and anything else that may obstruct the user’s ability to walk through the home, or that may cause the user to trip or fall. In the bathroom, use nonslip bath mats (coated with rubber on the bottom.) Encourage the use of a backpack, fanny pack or apron to carry small items while using cane.


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