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PROGRAM OPERATIONS Donations: Sources for Equipment Suggestions from Carolyn Phillips Director, Pass It On Center The following points were extracted from the transcript of a webinar hosted by the Pass It On Center on July 31, 2007. Ms. Phillips’ comments have been re-written from oral presentation to article format. The entire transcript is available on the PIOC web site under Webinars. Basically, these remarks are to suggest that the motto be “Work Smarter, Not Harder.” Several of these tips are borrowed from Jim Lynch, who has done a great job within the PC reuse community. Some are based in personal experience. Recyclers and Refurbishers If you need low-cost equipment, seek donations from recyclers or refurbishers. Sometimes these businesses receive items that have remaining useful life. Instead of breaking the item down for recycling, they may be willing to donate it for re-use. Identify recyclers in your area and acquaint them with your organization. The Tech Soup web site has a list of recyclers, as does Dell Computer’s Tech Foundation. Other Organizations Dedicated to Re-Use The National Cristina Foundation is one such organization. Your organization may choose to become a member. Check out their web site for the services they offer. You may identify other re-use organizations that fit with your mission. Schools, Libraries, Government Agencies and Hospitals Government agencies, schools and libraries replace computers on a periodic schedule to maintain consistency of hardware, software and networking systems. Rather than having these items end up in a surplus warehouse or recycled, become a partner and acquire these items. Most are likely to have remaining useful life. Hospitals often replace specialty items to have the latest equipment. A local hospital may be a source for re-usable durable medical equipment. It may be useful to get acquainted with the purchasing manager or the information technology director to have direct contact with a key person in the replacement chain. Funeral Homes, Hospices and Area Agencies on Aging The staff members of funeral homes and hospices come into contact with the relatives of people who are left with durable medical equipment that is no longer needed. The staff members are in a position to suggest to the family where the equipment can be donated, when they are ready to do so. The care services staff at the area agency on aging may be aware of available equipment from a person who has died. It may be advantageous to leave some business cards with funeral homes and hospices for use in these situations. Tourist Attractions and Airports Both of these locations usually have some assistive technology for visitors – at the very least wheelchairs and sometimes scooters – that are replaced periodically. Durable Medical Equipment (DME) Suppliers When people acquire newer equipment, it may not occur to them that the item being replaced has remaining useful life. A local DME supplier may be a good source of used equipment from customers who have upgraded. Also, DME providers rent beds, wheelchairs and oxygen concentrators. When they upgrade to newer products, there may be an opportunity to acquire the used equipment. Donation Centers Sometimes useful equipment is dropped at a Salvation Army, Goodwill or local charity donation center or drop-off location. Offer pictures of the kinds of items that your organization re-uses. Electronics and Computer Stores When consumers upgrade to new computers, they may not be aware of the opportunity to donate the old equipment. Form an alliance with these stores and ask them to leave flyers, post cards or business cards in the bag with new computers or printers. Churches and Synagogues It may be possible to go beyond affiliations with individual churches to talk to regional ministerial or mission councils about equipment donations. They reach large audiences and have many community-oriented projects. They may prove very helpful to your mission. Local Businesses Large local businesses are likely to replace their computer systems on a regular basis to keep pace with technology. Some likely targets are large law firms, insurance firms, banks and newspapers.


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