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User Manuals for Mobility Equipment, Where to Find


Ideally the device donor has saved the product literature, including user and parts manuals. This would be helpful to the cleaning and refurbishing staff at the reuse center, and to the new user. Staff members who receive equipment donations should be trained to ask if this information is available. If so, a procedure should be established for tracking the information. (This may be as simple as a plastic zip bag to hold the documents. A bag also could prove useful to hold small tools, spare parts or accessories. The bag can be taped to the device.)


However, it is likely that many donations will arrive with no associated literature. The user manuals for many of the most common products are available online at the manufacturer web sites. Some of the largest  manufacturers and their brands are listed below. Some manufacturers group literature in one place on the site; others have the literature located with the product information.


Colours in Motion

Devices:  Wheelchairs for adults, children, sports

Brands: Razorblade, Switchblade, Boing!, Eclipse, Krypto, Spazz, Zephyr, Hammer, Chump, Little Dipper, Xtreme, and more

Product literature for download at


Everest & Jennings

now owned by GF Health Products, Inc.

Devices:  Wheelchairs and a wide array of homecare and hospital products.

Brands: Everest, Traveler, Paramount, Vista

Owners manuals and parts catalogs available for download under “Additional Information” tab below individual product.



Devices:  Wheelchairs, transport chairs, scooters, lifts, slings, bariatric aids and other devices.

Brands:  Reliant, Lynx

Locate product literature through search page.


Joerns Healthcare

Devices:  Beds, positioning lifts and slings, wound management, room furnishings

Brands: Joerns (Professional and Classic), Hoyer, BioClinic, Triline,

Locate product on web site to download manual.


Mulholland Positioning Systems, Inc.

Devices:  Gait training, standers, seating systems.

Brands: Gait Master, Walkabout, etc.

Locate product literature by device name at

  Permobil USA Devices: Power mobility products, including pediatric models

Brands: Permobil

Download PDF versions of owner manuals at Pride Mobility Products Corp.

Devices:  Wheelchairs, power chairs, scooters, lifts, ramps.

Brands: Jazzy, Jet, Quantum Rehab, Flash, Z-11, Pride LX, Go-Go Travel, Celebrity, Legend, and others.

Manuals in a central location.


Sunrise Medical

Devices: Wheelchairs, walking aids, beds, daily living aids, bariatric products, and more.

Brands: Quickie, Breezy, Guardian,

Instruction guides and parts manuals:


21st Century Scientific

Devices:  Power wheelchairs, loaders, gurneys, bariatric power equipment

Brands:  Bounder

Does not appear to offer downloads of product literature. Owner manuals available for order at




[1] National Task Force Study Group on the Classification of Assistive Technology Reuse Activities.



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