Getting Donations of High Demand, Lightly Used DME

How to Get Donations or Recover

High Demand, Lightly Used DME



Assistive Technology (AT) that is in high demand such as lightly used durable medical equipment (DME) including manual wheelchairs, shower chairs, patient lifts and walkers with seats and brakes is of particular value to a reuse program for two reasons.


Lightly used DME can be cleaned, sanitized and reassigned without lengthy repair time or additional expense. Equipment reassignment can happen more quickly assuring greater customer satisfaction.


The challenge is to locate the equipment. One target group is medical professionals specializing in joint replacement, orthopedic and sports medicine. Another target group is human resources staff. A strategy for identifying potential donors is to attend a conference such as a worker’s compensation conference or seminar. This can be a good way to introduce yourself and your reuse program, collect business cards from people who express interest in equipment reuse and an invitation to follow up with a phone call later.


This strategy resulted in the opportunity to distribute brochures to members of a statewide association and an article on the reuse program was published in another state association’s newsletter. Results don’t always happen as quickly as one would like, but ongoing conversations can identify mutual interests and yield success.



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