Linking Recipients of New AT with Reuse Efforts

Link Recipients of AT Act Funding Support

with Reuse Efforts


The Kansas reuse program has a long history with our state partners, the Alternative Financing Program and the Telework Program. We advise working with the durable medical equipment providers and other assistive technology funding partners to encourage customers to donate their unneeded equipment to the reuse program. A letter to the customer, approved by the funding source, and sent from the reuse program is a good way to inform individuals of donation opportunities. Below is an example of a letter the Kansas reuse program sends to KATCO customers 30 days after receiving their new AT equipment purchased through the Alternative Financing Program.




[On Assistive Technology for Kansans letterhead]


Dear (insert name of KATCO customer):


Congratulations on your new assistive technology equipment! Whether you bought a computer, a scooter, an adapted vehicle or other assistive technology equipment, we hope you are very happy with your purchase.


Perhaps this is a replacement for equipment you no longer want or need. Would you consider donating your old equipment to the Kansas Equipment Exchange (KEE), a statewide reuse program? Good, used donated equipment can be picked up at no charge, refurbished and given to a Kansan with disabilities or other chronic health care issues who cannot afford the equipment they need in any other way.


Equipment donations benefit others and it is easy to do. You can call the KEE toll free number:


- 1-800-KAN DO IT (1-800-526-3648)  -


You will be connected with the AT Access Site in your region. ATK staff will be glad to answer your questions and can provide information about tax deduction eligibility.


Again, congratulations on your new equipment. We hope it gives you many good years of service.







Sara Sack, Director

Assistive Technology for Kansans (ATK)

Kansas Equipment Exchange (KEE)




Increasing Targeted Equipment Donations Packet, Product 7.a

Assistive Technology for Kansans – Expanding Reuse Project                                     

Copyright © January 2008. Used with permission.



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