Working with Funeral Directors to Acquire Used AT

How to Get Donations or Recover High Cost and Lightly Used DME and AT: Working with Funeral Directors



Durable medical equipment (DME) and assistive technology (AT) that is both high cost and lightly used increases the value of a reuse program to its customers by making expensive, nearly new equipment available to people who otherwise could not afford it. Encouraging donations from people who are dealing with changing health conditions and loss requires a tactful approach.


When the suggestion was made to approach morticians as a possible donation link, we considered how to best make the request. The decision was made to start locally. We talked with a funeral home director familiar with the reuse program. He agreed to make people aware of the reuse program and at an appropriate time, offer donation opportunity information.


The local director suggested we contact the state association of funeral directors and helped with the introduction of the reuse program to the state board. The Kansas Funeral Directors Association confirmed that families coping with the loss of a loved one may want to donate the now unneeded equipment to a Kansan with disabilities or chronic health conditions. In fact, the association has taken on the reuse program as the year’s focus project starting with an article in the association’s journal. The association distributed 2000 reuse program brochures to funeral directors across the state. Information about the option of donating equipment to a reuse program to benefit people with disabilities is available to families who are interested.


The Kansas Equipment Exchange (KEE) makes the donation process as easy on the family as possible by working with the family to remove the donation from the home in the timeframe the family requests. To do this, KEE has staff and volunteers prepared to respond on short notice to pick up equipment and respond appropriately to the situation.


Additionally, KEE makes brochures and other information available to support groups. People with progressive conditions may require different equipment as time passes. KEE always offers free removal of unneeded equipment and scheduled at the donor’s convenience. AT staff are available to offer information about the availability of other equipment as needed.


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