Hands-on Computer Maintenance Training

Hands-on Computer Hygiene / Maintenance Training:

A Package from Assistive Technology for Kansans


Efficiency matters. Whether you are maintaining one computer for a customer or refurbishing 100 computer for reuse, an efficient process is key for a reuse program trying to make the dollars stretch. This packet of information includes a step-by-step process anyone might use to refurbish a desktop computer with the accompanying stand alone Articles describing each step.


Step 1: Inspection

Determine if the computer meets minimum guidelines.

Windows:  Is it Pentium III or better? Check labels on outside of machine.

Mac:  Does it have USB ports?

Monitors:  Measure on the diagonal. Minimum 15”.

Cosmetic appearance must be OK.

If the minimum guidelines are not met—salvage parts and recycle responsibly.

If the equipment meets the minimum guidelines—move on to Testing.


Step 2: Testing

Article: How to Use Diagnostic Software: TuffTEST Decide if the equipment is suitable for reuse or salvage parts and recycle. 


Step 3: Wipe hard drive (DOD standard)

Article: How to Destroy Computer Data Using Darik’s Boot and Nuke (DBAN)


Step 4: Cleaning

Article: How to Clean Your Computer


Step 5: Assemble Components

Article: How to Set Up Your Computer


Step 6: Ghosting

Article: How to Clone Your IDE Hard Drive Article: How to Use Diagnostic Software: Belarc Advisor Install RAM as needed. See article: How to Install RAM Install software. For example, see article: OpenOffice


The referenced articles are stored individually in the Program Operations module.



We want to thank the staff at ReBoot – ATRC in Atlanta, Georgia. Director Joanne Willis and her colleagues, especially Lamar and Randy, shared their expertise and provided us with an excellent foundation of information to support our reuse efforts. In addition, Kansas computer reuse and recycling experts who provided information, advice and review of our computer refurbishing process include:


Beverly Drew, Asset LifeCycle, Topeka

Darin Ogleby, ITSource, Inc., Wichita

Will Dearden, NTRONIC, Inc., Colby

James T. Cheney, NTRONIC, Inc., Colby

Tim Moore, UNICOR E-waste Recycling, Leavenworth


Environmentally Safe Recycling Packet, Product 9

Assistive Technology for Kansans – Expanding Reuse Project              

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