Building Statewide AT Reuse Program on Shoestring


ATIA 2009 Conference Session

Orlando, Florida

January 28-31, 2009


Session Title:   

Building a Statewide AT Reutilization Program on a Shoestring Budget



Alma Burgess and Heather Young, Utah Assistive Technology Program


Session Description:

There are obstacles to establishing a reutilization program: money, transportation and space just to name a few. Participants will learn about the successes and failures of the Utah Assistive Technology Program's AT reutilization program. The program was developed and implemented through collaborative arrangements, shared staff, and good strategic planning. It was created on a "shoestring." The history of the program and sustainability efforts with collaborative partners will be discussed.


Session Objectives:

1. First Key Learning Point 

Attendees will learn about the components needed to start an AT reutilization program on a limited budget.

2. Second Key Learning Point 

Attendees will learn how to collaborate with other agencies and organizations and how collaboration benefits a grass roots effort.

3. Third Key Learning Point 

Attendees will learn about the successes and failures in the process of establishing an AT reutilization program.


Experience Level:



Session Format:

Q & A (Expert(s) allowing the opportunity for attendees to ask questions on a pre-determined topic)


Technical Experience Level



Presentation Outline:

a. Participants will become familiar with lessons learned by the Utah Assistive Technology Program's assistive technology reutilization program, Citizens Reutilizing Assistive Technology Equipment (CReATE) and how it was developed with limited resources and funding.

b. The following points will be discussed in detail.

History - Challenges faced and how much progress has been made Collaborations - Agencies, vendors and others Policies and Procedures - Development and what has and has not worked Setting up Shop - The process reviewed Outreach - Media outreach, open house, logo and brochure development Future Plans - How will the program expand, etc?

c. Outcomes

How many consumers have received refurbished assistive technology devices to date? How much money consumers, agencies and the state saved through refurbished devices from Create. How the program is working to expand its reach into rural and remote areas of the state.

d. Relevance

Participants will obtain ideas for their own AT reutilization programs. Participants will have an opportunity to discuss their unique situations and questions.


Pass It On/ AT Reuse


Presentation Type:

Educational Session

See attached presentation. Used with permission. 



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