Increasing Donations of Targeted Equipment


ATIA 2009 Conference Session

Orlando, Florida

January 28-31, 2009


Session Title:

Increasing Donations of Targeted Equipment to Your Reuse Program



Patty Black Moore and Sheila Simmons, Assistive Technology for Kansans, University of Kansas


Session Description:

Numerous reuse programs are serving people throughout the country, but most face the issue of how to obtain the equipment most needed by the individuals they serve. The Kansas Reuse program reviewed its inventory demand and developed strategies to develop relationships with professional, civic and consumer support organizations to increase access to high cost and lightly used durable medical equipment. The presenters will share their strategies and sample materials used in their efforts.


Session Objectives:

1. First Key Learning Point 

Learn how to identify needed inventory for your program population.

2. Second Key Learning Point 

Understanding a system of analyzing potential partners who have access to the needed equipment.

3. Third Key Learning Point 

Become familiar with a variety of public and organization specific outreach strategies to develop partnerships.


Experience Level:



Session Format:

Tutorial (An informational tutorial/educational presentation e.g. practitioner tips and tricks)


Technical Experience Level



Presentation Outline:

Statement of the problem: How to access quality used devices for reuse is a barrier to all reuse programs. Quality equipment is needed for program customers as well as helping reuse programs maintain a reputation of good service.

Description of solution: The Kansas Reuse program identified the type of equipment most needed by their customers, i.e., bariatric equipment, powered mobility, lightly used durable medical equipment (DME) and explored possible partners in achieving these goals. The program connected with a variety of professional and medical organizations as well as consumer support groups using a variety of public outreach methods which will be shared with the audience. Outcomes: Increased access to quality DME for individuals with disabilities and increased opportunity for reuse programs to maintain a reputation of quality.

Importance to other organizations: These lessons can be used by other Reuse programs and AT programs and would be of interest to equipment manufacturers to increase awareness of how quality programs can be operated.



Pass It On/ AT Reuse


Presentation Type:

Educational Session


See attached presentation.



This work is supported under a five-year cooperative agreement # H235V060016 awarded by the U.S. Department of Education, Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services, and is administered by the Pass It On Center of the Georgia Department of Labor – Tools for Life.  However, the contents of this publication do not necessarily represent the policy or opinions of the Department of Education, or the Georgia Department of Labor, and you should not assume endorsements of this document by the Federal government or the Georgia Department of Labor.





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Title: Increasing Donations of Targeted Equipment
Module: Program Operations
Author: Robin Black Moore and Sheila Simmons
Audience: Implementer
Sub Title: ATIA 2009 Session
Organization Source: Assistive Technology for Kansans/ KU
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