Reuse & Convergence of Telecom and Multimedia


ATIA 2009 Conference Session

Orlando, Florida

January 28-31, 2009



Session Title:

Reutilization and the Convergence of Telecommunications and Multimedia Devices



Sara Sack, Kansas University Center on Disabilities, and

Jessica Brodey, JMB Policy Consulting


Session Description:

As technology advances, convergence of new media such as telecommunications devices, web functionality and personal digital assistants present new challenges and opportunities for reutilization. Telecommunications devices are widely and inexpensively available for reutilization. As new policy changes are taking root, it is a critical time to begin examining how we can leverage the move towards convergence to better serve individuals with disabilities.


Session Objectives:

1. First Key Learning Point 

The convergence of media devices poses an opportunity for reutilization activities.

2. Second Key Learning Point 

Telecommunications devices are widely available and are often suitable for meeting the navigational and organizational needs of individuals with cognitive disabilities.

3. Third Key Learning Point 

Convergence is an opportunity to meet the needs of more individuals with disabilities.


Experience Level:



Session Format:

Tutorial (An informational tutorial/educational presentation, e.g., practitioner tips and tricks)


Presentation Outline:

a. Statement of the problem or issue: We are currently seeing a mass move into converging technologies, particularly the convergence of telecommunications, personal digital assistants, and web functionality. This time of convergence poses new challenges and opportunities to serve individuals with disabilities through technology.

b. Description of activity, project, or solution: The AT for Kansans project initially set out to provide reutilized PDAs to individuals with cognitive disabilities to meet their navigational and organizational needs. Along the journey, we soon realized that the convergence of media posed a challenge to this project and an opportunity to meet different needs of the targeted population.

c. Outcomes: We will address the devices reutilized by the AT for Kansans Project and how individuals with cognitive disabilities were served with these devices. We will also discuss the "lessons learned" in acquiring and reutilizing these convergence devices.

d. Importance or relevance to other organizations: AT Reutilization projects are constantly seeking new opportunities to identify and reutilize devices and to identify new populations to serve. AT Reutilization projects can benefit from the lessons gathered by Kansas in our endeavors.



Pass It On/ AT Reuse


Presentation Type:

Educational Session


See attached presentation.



This work is supported under a five-year cooperative agreement # H235V060016 awarded by the U.S. Department of Education, Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services, and is administered by the Pass It On Center of the Georgia Department of Labor – Tools for Life.  However, the contents of this publication do not necessarily represent the policy or opinions of the Department of Education, or the Georgia Department of Labor, and you should not assume endorsements of this document by the Federal government or the Georgia Department of Labor.






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