What a difference one computer can make!


ATIA 2009 Conference Session

Orlando, Florida

January 28-31, 2009



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What a difference one computer can make!



Joy Kniskern


Session Description:

Georgia has creatively collaborated resources for three projects for providing refurbished computers to students and employees:

Georgia's pilot project of a Laptop Loan Library for college students of Georgia Perimeter College who are beginning school without a computer. High School/High Tech Transition Refurbishment Project which has provided over 300 refurbished laptops to graduating seniors. Georgia Department of Labor/ Vocational Rehabilitation’s (GDOL/VR) Assistive Work Technology (AWT) Team discusses efforts to provide loaner laptops to customers beginning work or school without a computer. Funding, software, refurbishment and distribution plans will be discussed.


Session Objectives:

1. First Key Learning Point 

You can accomplish more of your goals by collaborating with other groups.

2. Second Key Learning Point 

There is an answer to providing a computer to beginning college students

3. Third Key Learning Point 

Lessons learned in implementing a Transition Refurbishment Project


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Session Format:

Tutorial (An informational tutorial/educational presentation e.g. practitioner tips and tricks)


Presentation Outline:


This presentation covers the amazing collaboration and efforts in Georgia to provide reutilized laptops to students with a disability who do not have access to a computer in their home. Laptop Loan Committee: Georgia Department of Labor/VR Tools for Life, GDOL/VR High School/High Tech, GDOL/VR Assistive Work Technology (AWT) team, Georgia Perimeter College, Tech-Able Assistive Technology Resource Center, and Accessible Materials Access Center (AMAC) partnered together for a pilot project of refurbishment of laptops for loan to Georgia Perimeter College students.


We will discuss the challenges and successes of establishing a lending library for laptops, such as acquiring computers, application software and adaptive software to use for loans and the process of getting and recycling those computers. This effort will keep more students in college and will result in better school performance. High School/High Tech. Tools for Life, High School/High Tech, Tech-Able, VR Employees, and School Counselors partnered for the High School/High Tech laptop refurbishment program to provide over 300 computers to high school students with a disability to assist them during their senior year of high school and forward into college, technical school or other training.


We will discuss providing the laptops through funding from Georgia's Tools for Life program, refurbishment and distribution challenges and successes. This resulted in students gaining more skills and confidence in using a computer for work or school. Many said it was one of the best things that has ever happened to them. AWT: We will discuss the efforts of the AWT team to provide loaner laptops to customers beginning work or school who are eligible for a VR-provided laptop, but have not yet received theirs. This involves some creative partnerships and methods to acquire, assign and retrieve the loaned computers. This effort resulted in people starting their jobs sooner, reduced lost jobs due to equipment delays and more successful students.


Attendees of this session will learn how to collaborate resources to meet the need of students in getting a computer. They will learn from our successes and failures and how to cope with setbacks. They will also learn that these efforts were well worth the time and resources.


A.  Collaboration of groups/agencies involved in the computer reutilization

B.  Laptop Loans to Georgia Perimeter College students

C.  High/School/High Tech Refurbishment Project

D.  AWT Computer Loans to customers




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Educational Session


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