How to Coordinate an AT Conference in Your State




ATIA 2009 Conference Session

Orlando, Florida

January 28-31, 2009


Session Title:

How to Coordinate an Assistive Technology Conference in YOUR State



Carolyn Phillips, Liz Persaud, Martha Rust, Georgia/ Tools for Life;

Carla Walker, Paraquad



Session Description:

During this presentation, participants will learn how to coordinate an assistive technology conference in their own state by collaborating with different partners. Individuals will learn how to find the perfect location, create a budget, utilize current AT vendors and assistive technology resource centers to form a hands-on and exciting exhibit hall, expect the unexpected and much more! They will also have the opportunity to hear about lessons learned.



Session Objectives:

1. First Key Learning Point 

Gain knowledge of how to collaborate with their current network of statewide partners.

2. Second Key Learning Point 

Discover how to find the perfect location, plan meals, coordinate an exhibit hall and so much more within a budget.

3. Third Key Learning Point 

Hear lessons learned from past assistive technology conferences.



Experience Level:




Session Format:

Tutorial (An informational tutorial/educational presentation e.g. practioner tips and tricks)



Presentation Outline:

Do you ever wish that every person in your state knew about the benefits of your organization and assistive technology? With vast coverage areas, getting exposure to the latest assistive technologies can be a barrier. However, one way to overcome this is to host an assistive technology conference in your state. During this presentation, you will learn what to consider when planning for a conference, including location, hotels, transportation, meals, audio visual needs, speakers, exhibitors, awards, cultural enrichment, and accessibility just to name a few. Collaborating with partners can make a conference informative and fun. This will reach different populations and ensure an innovative conference. Discover how to manage a budget for an AT conference and how to maximize funding. Participants will have a unique opportunity to hear about specific examples first hand from past conference planners' experiences. Planning an AT conference may seem a bit overwhelming and a huge undertaking at first, but if you begin with the end in mind and decide on your target audience and expected outcomes then you are on your way to hosting a successful and productive AT conference!




NATTAP - AT Act Programs/Alternative Finance Programs/PAAT



Presentation Type:

Educational Session


See attached PowerPoint presentation. Used with permission.


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Title: How to Coordinate an AT Conference in Your State
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Author: Carolyn Phillips, Liz Persaud, Martha Rust, Carla Walker
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Sub Title: ATIA 2009 Session, Orlando
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