AT Exchange for Public Schools to Share Devices



ATIA Conference Session

Orlando, Florida

January 28-31, 2009



Session Title:

An AT Exchange for Public Schools to Share AT Devices



Arlene Lugo, Connecticut Social Services Bureau of Rehabilitation Services

Kathryn Adams, Maine CITE

Sharon Alderman, Vermont Assistive Technology Reuse Project


Session Description:

This workshop will focus on the new "AT School Swap" developed by the Connecticut AT Act Program. This is an AT Device Exchange website designed to be used by public schools to track their inventory of AT devices and to maximize the sharing of AT resources between school districts. The Swap site will assist schools to make maximum use of AT devices that could otherwise be lost or abandoned. The AT Act Programs from Maine and Vermont are working in collaboration with Connecticut to replicate and promote the "AT School Swap" in those states.


Session Objectives:

1. First Key Learning Point 

Identify the need for tracking AT devices used in public schools

2. Second Key Learning Point 

Demonstrate how the “AT School Swap” website can meet the needs of schools to maximize the effective use of AT

3. Third Key Learning Point 

Show how States AT Act Programs collaborate to create and share resources


Experience Level:



Session Format:

Tutorial (An informational tutorial/educational presentation, e.g., practitioner tips and tricks)


Technical Experience Level



Presentation Outline:

For years public schools across the country have been spending thousands of public dollars on assistive technology (AT) for students with disabilities. Often these students outgrow the devices and move on to other technologies. School systems end up with many types of AT that could be more useful to future students if it was tracked and identified in an up to date AT device inventory. This workshop will outline how the Connecticut AT Act Program worked with a web system designer to create the web based "AT School Swap", an AT Device Exchange, for use by the State's pubic schools in order to share AT devices and resources. The Swap site includes an AT inventory for each school. The Device Inventory is an essential piece for making the Swap site a success. The "AT School Swap" was introduced to Connecticut public schools in the spring of 2007. Several schools have committed to using the site. The workshop will provide several anecdotes of how the "AT School Swap" is working to optimize the use of AT devices within and between schools as well as maximize the use of public dollars spent on AT. Through ongoing collaboration with Connecticut, the Maine and Vermont AT Act Programs are working to replicate the AT School Swap in their states. The presenters will share a survey that was used with school system special educators to assess their interest in an AT device exchange. Also, key to replicating the Swap are marketing and staff development activities.



NATTAP - AT Act Programs/Alternative Finance Programs/PAAT


Presentation Type:

Educational Session


See attached presentation. Used with permission.





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Title: AT Exchange for Public Schools to Share Devices
Module: Program Operations
Author: Kathy Adams, Sharon Alderman and Arlene Lugo
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Sub Title: ATIA 2009 Session, Orlando
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