Ensuring the Safety of People Who Use AAC

ATIA Conference Session

            January 28-31, 2009

            Orlando, Florida


Session Title:

Disaster Preparedness:  Ensuring the Safety of People Who Use AAC



Theresa Tanchak, Region 4 Education Service Center, Houston


Session Description:

Are you prepared for a weather emergency? What are the emergency preparedness plans and policies in your community regarding the needs of people who rely on AAC? Come to this session to learn about USSAAC's Gulf Coast Relief Project focusing on emergency preparedness for people who use AAC and supporting recovery efforts in the Gulf State Region. Outcomes from the first USSAAC AAC ACTion Corps Meeting and AAC and All That Jazz Conference will be shared and action plans will be discussed. Join USSAAC to help rebuild AAC communities...and lives. You can make a difference!


Session Objectives:

1. First Key Learning Point 

Describe what it means to have complex communication needs

2. Second Key Learning Point 

Learn how to prepare for a disaster

3. Third Key Learning Point 

Discuss emergency preparedness for people who use AAC


Experience Level:



Session Format:

Tutorial (An informational tutorial/educational presentation; e.g., practitioner tips and tricks)


Technical Experience Level



Presentation Outline:


I. United States Society for Augmentative and Alternative Communication

A. Gulf State Hurricane Relief Effort

B. Gulf Relief Fund

C. AAC and All That Jazz Conference


II. Development of Texas, Louisiana, and Mississippi ACTion Corps

A. Meetings

B. Action plans


III. ACN Issue - December 2007/January 2008, (Volume 19, Number 4) focuses on complex humanitarian emergencies (CHEs)


IV. It's the law


V. What individuals can do


VI. Tips that save lives


VII. Resources



Augmentative and Alternative Communication


Presentation Type:

Educational Session


See attached presentation.  Used with permission.



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Other Information

Title: Ensuring the Safety of People Who Use AAC
Module: Emergency Mgmt
Author: Theresa Tanchak
Audience: Implementer
Sub Title: ATIA 2009 Session
Procedure: Communication strategies for emergencies
Organization Source: Theresa Tanchak, ACTion Corps
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