Recycling -- Explaining the Reuse-Recycle Decision


Kansas Reuse Project Reuse-Recycle Decision Process


This is the text of an explanatory document included in the Environmentally Safe Recycling Packet developed by Assistive Technology for Kansans.


The Kansas reuse program, Kansas Equipment Exchange (KEE), accepts durable medical equipment (DME) in moderately good condition for reuse. Equipment is refurbished by qualified vendors, sanitized and brought back to a high quality standard that is the KEE trademark. Refurbished DME is passed on or reassigned at no cost to a Kansan with a disability or other chronic health care condition.


KEE staff work hard to reassign DME within a 90 day time period. When equipment has been with KEE for 90 to 120 days, it is offered to members of the statewide Kansas reuse network. These 25 reuse programs informally partner with KEE and handle a wide range of assistive technology and durable medical equipment.  Some network partners have specific populations they serve and most are limited to a service area of a few counties. 


If Kansas reuse program staff determine that a piece of durable medical equipment is not valuable enough to be refurbished or if a piece of equipment was in the reuse program for over 120 days and is not needed by a reuse network partner, it is recycled by a reputable Kansas processor. The Kansas reuse program management team identified recycling resources for metals, batteries and electronics in all six regions of the state so staff can be sure that equipment recycling is conducted according to state and national standards.  See the flowchart of the Kansas Reuse Project Reuse-Recycle Decision Process and sample equipment checklists for additional detail on the reuse-recycle decision-making process. 


Environmentally Safe Recycling Packet, Product 6.a

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