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Donation Events July 2010 Pass It On Center Webinar This Webinar and a transcript will be available in the Webinar section of the Pass It On Center home page. The subject of the Webinar was planning donation events and other strategies to acquire donated equipment. Participating in this Webinar were:     Sara Sack and Patty Moore-Black, Assistive Technology for Kansans     Cathy Valdez and Jerry Rivera, Project MEND, San Antonio, Texas     Joy Kniskern and Liz Persaud, Georgia Tools for Life and Pass It On Center Assistive Technology for Kansans has created several radio and TV spots. The TV spot for the Topeka Donation Drive can be viewed online at This spot can also be viewed from the Knowledge Base by going to Links/Videos/Topeka Donation Drive for the link. Two radio promotions from the Kansas donation events are attached as examples. (They have been converted from .wma file format to MP3 for storage in the Knowledge Base.) Georgia Tools for Life partnered with a local church for an equipment drive. The flyers for that event are attached.


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