Developing Job Descriptions: Webinar Work Package

WORKING PACKAGE – Pass It On Center Webinar

August 31, 2010

Developing Job Descriptions



Carolyn Phillips, Program Director, Pass It On Center

Trish Redmon, Consulting Editor and Educator, Pass It On Center

Panelists: Cathy Valdez, Executive Director, Project MEND and

     Joanne Willis, Executive Director, Touch the Future


Learning Objectives:


After completing the Webinar and related activities, participants should:

§  Understand the need for job descriptions

§  Be able to prepare professional job descriptions using a simple questionnaire to gather information and a worksheet that facilitates the integration of the Indicators of Quality for AT Reuse 

§  Be able to transform the job description into a customized performance evaluation form for the position




2:00 PM – Welcome, Introductions and Pass It On Center Webinar Tips


2:05 PM – Reuse Program Staffing Challenges: Cathy Valdez and Joanne Willis


2:20 PM - Developing Job Descriptions


This training session presents a simplified approach to the development of professional job descriptions for employees in Assistive Technology Reuse Programs. It explores the importance and advantages of having accurate job descriptions for all workers. Using the newly-developed job description, participates will learn to how transform it into a performance evaluation customized for the specific position.


Attached working documents:

Worksheet – Indicators of Quality Cross-Referenced to Jobs

Job Position Questionnaire (data collection tool)

Job Description – Intake Coordinator (an example)

Performance Appraisal – Intake Coordinator (an example)



See the Knowledge Base article Job Descriptions for examples of actual job descriptions from AT reuse programs and for the complete text of the Indicators of Quality for AT Reuse. The slides, audio and a transcript of the Webinar will be available on the Pass It On Center Web site.


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