Refurbish Computer: Terminology of Data Storage

Refurbish Digital Devices


The Language of Digital Data Storage and Removal





Data cleansing  v.  the act of detecting and removing and/or correcting a database’s dirty data (i.e., data that is incorrect, out-of-date, redundant, incomplete, or formatted incorrectly); also called data scrubbing

Data destruction  n. the complete removal of data from a storage device by writing over it; also called data erasure, data dumping or disk wiping

Data erasure  n. the complete removal of data from a storage device by writing over it; also called data destruction or disk wiping

Data restoration software n. a computer program that assists in the retrieval of information that has been deleted (but not erased or destroyed)

Delete  v. a keyboard action that removes the shortcuts to the files on a computer 

Disk sectors n.  the smallest unit of storage that can be accessed on a disk

Disk wiping n. a process that ensures that information written to the hard disk is irrecoverably deleted; also called data dumping, data destruction or disk dumping

Formatting  vt. To prepare a disk for reading and writing.

Hard disk  n. a storage device for digital information

Hard disk drive n.  the mechanism that reads and writes data to the hard disk

Hardware  n. the physical, or tangible, devices associated with computers

License n. a contract that grants specific rights to intellectual property (a computer program, for example)

Linux n. a freely distributed open-source operating system

Macintosh n. a trademark of Apple Computers; refers to a line of computers and to a proprietary operating system

Operating system n. the first and most important program that runs on a computer; it performs basic tasks that allow the computer to run other programs

Recycle v. in computer terms, the end of the life cycle when the machine is literally torn apart for some parts to be salvaged and the remainder destroyed; also called responsible destruction

Reformat  v. to take a used disk and run it through the formatting process again; does not remove data, just the addresses to the stored data

Refurbish vt. to prepare a computer for re-use by a new owner

Refurbisher  n. a business or nonprofit organization that prepares computers for re-use by a new owner

Scrub v. to clean, as in to clean up data

Software: the intangible concepts, ideas and symbols that cause a computer to perform tasks; the programs

Windows n. a proprietary operating system of Microsoft Corporation

Wipe, wiping n. The secure removal of data written to computer storage devices; also called destruction, erasure or dumping

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