Refurbish PDA: How to remove stored data

Guide to Digital Data Removal


Removing Data from a Personal Digital Assistant (PDA)





While personal digital assistants (PDAs) are unlikely candidates for normal reutilization, it is important to treat the information stored on them as potential causes of harm to the previous users. Like personal computers, PDAs may contain confidential information that could be used in fraudulent ways. All data needs to be erased from PDA.





Removing any remaining data should be a priority upon receipt.




Information on a cell phone is stored in the same way that it is stored on a personal computer. A delete action by the user deletes the shortcut to the information, not the information itself. The data can still be recovered by a knowledgeable person with software tools. PDA information is stored in “flash memory” and is retained even if the battery is dead or if there is no battery. Data erasure requires overwriting the data, just as it does on a computer.




The following will be useful:

ü      Locked storage for donated devices

ü      Work area with a computer connected to the Internet

ü      Procedure for tagging devices with manufacturer/model number and matching to user manual or documentation (perhaps all items kept in a plastic bag together)

ü      Access to the Internet




Before beginning data removal, wipe the external surface of the PDA, including keys, carefully with a moist, but not wet, alcohol or anti-bacterial wipe to sanitize the surface.


Option 1:  If the user manual is available and includes RESET information


Follow the instructions for a HARD RESET. This erases all data and user preferences by returning the PDA to the original factory settings. Some devices have a RESET feature that is easily identifiable. Others neither have the RESET feature, nor provide instructions in the manual.


Option 2: If the user manual is not available, or does not include RESET information


Identify the manufacturer and model of the PDA. Go online to the manufacturer’s web site. Locate the support documentation for the specific model of PDA. If the information is provided, follow the instructions to perform a HARD RESET to restore the default settings and remove all personal data.


If the RESET information cannot be located, call the manufacturer’s help desk for instructions. Some manufacturers require that a hard reset be performed only by a technician.




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