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Topic Category
San 2 - The Language of CleaningSanitization
San 4 - Selecting Cleaning ProductsSanitization
Refurbish Digital Devices: Data Standards/LawsRefurbishing Computers
Checklist - Steps to IncorporationLegal Status
Checklist - Choosing Board MembersBoard Structure
Checklist - First Actions for the Board Board Structure
Checklist - Steps to Tax Exempt StatusLegal Status
Checklist - Choosing a Chief AdministratorManagement
Checklist - Recruiting a management teamManagement
Org 1 - Introduction to Organizational StructureGeneral Information
Org 2 - Legal, Incorporation StatusLegal Status
Org 3 - Governance, Selecting a ModelBoard Structure
Org 4 - Management, Determining a StructureManagement
Org 5 - Board of Directors, How to ChooseBoard Structure
Org 6 - Board of Directors, First actionsBoard Structure
Org 7 - Choosing a Chief Executive OfficerManagement
Legal - Articles of Incorporation, how to writeLegal Status
Legal - Bylaws, draftingLegal Status
Mission Statement, How to writeGeneral Information
Org 8 - Recruiting ManagersManagement
Intake - Health Information PrivacyCustomer Intake
Checklist - AT Equipment Web Sites, SupportingAcquisitions/Donations
Web Ops - User AgreementWeb Exchange
Legal - Required Records for the OrganizationRecordkeeping
Matching - User Agreements & Liability ReleasesMatching
Matching - Device Loan ProgramsMatching
Web Sites - Privacy PolicyWeb Exchange
Intake - Eligibility PoliciesCustomer Intake
Web Site Ops - Types of Equipment Accepted/NotAcquisitions/Donations
Web Ops - DisclaimersWeb Exchange
Checklist - Delivery: Policies & ProceduresEquipment Delivery
Checklist - User Services Staff TrainingCustomer Follow-up
Checklist - StorageFacilities
Inventory Management - Tracking SoftwareInventory Management
Storage - 13 Steps for Highly Effective StorageFacilities
Prospects for AT Reuse in DisastersDisaster Recovery
AT Needs Shelter ProcessDisaster Recovery
Memorandum of Agreement or Understanding Disaster Recovery
Finance & Accounting OverviewGeneral Information
Accounting Resources for Nonprofit OrganizationsGeneral Information
Financial Chart of AccountsAccounting Operations
Operating Budgets, PreparingBudgeting
Records Retention RequirementsGeneral Information
Employee Protection (Whistleblower) PolicyGeneral Information
Risk Management StrategiesGeneral Information
Core Operationg Standards for Startup NonprofitsGeneral Information
Payroll ProcessingAccounting Operations
Preparing a Long-Term Financial PlanBudgeting
Human Resources OverviewGeneral Information
Employee Termination, How to handleLegal Compliance
Sustainability -- An IntroductionGeneral Information
Sustainability - Engage the StakeholdersStakeholder Engagement
Sustainability - Diversify Sources of IncomeFunding Strategies
Sustainability - Build capacityCapacity Building
Succession PlanningGeneral Information
Volunteer SustainabilityStakeholder Engagement
Fundraising with the InternetFunding Strategies
Donations - Needed Policies and ProceduresAcquisitions/Donations
Equipment Web Sites - Policies and Procedures Web Exchange
Inventory -- Policies and Procedures NeededInventory Management
Volunteers, Where to findVolunteers
Recycling: End-of-life alternativesRecycling
Sustainability Planning - Webinar I Nov. 2007General Information
Assistive Technology Reutilization InitiativeGeneral Information
Seeking Awards to Gain Recognition Promotion
Utilizing Private/Public PartnershipsGeneral Information
Liability Concerns for AT Reuse ProgramsRisk Assessment
STAR Network - Promoting AT Reuse in SoutheastGeneral Information
The Power of Capturing Outcome DataOutcomes
Classification of AT Reuse ActivitiesGeneral Information
Organizational Structure, Governance, Insurance, 1General Information
Organizational Structure, Governance, Insurance, 2General Information
Organizational Structure, Governance, Insurance, 3General Information
Applicability of Food & Drug Act to AT ReuseAcquisitions/Donations
Quality Indicators: The S.M.A.R.T. ExchangeQuality Indicators
STAR Network: Building a Regional AT Reuse NetworkGeneral Information
Health Information Privacy - HIPAA TrainingCustomer Intake
Measuring AT Reuse Outcomes at ParaquadCustomer Follow-up
Assessing Customer Services at ParaquadOutcomes
People First LanguageCommunity Awareness
Impact of Katrina on Persons with DisabilitiesDisaster Recovery
Web Exchange Site Administrator's HandbookWeb Exchange
Identity Theft Prevention - FTC Red Flag RulesAccounting Operations
Involvement of People With DisabilitiesGeneral Information
Emergency Preparedness: Where to StartDisaster Recovery
DME OrderMatching
Sustainability Planning: Virginia AT SystemGeneral Information
CDC Guidelines for DisinfectionSanitization
Developing Collaborative Partners for DME Reuse
Staffing AT Reuse ProgramsGeneral Information
Collaborating with Veterans Programs
Reuse Programs and Manufacturer/Supplier Relations
How to Start an AT Reuse ProgramGeneral Information
Sustainability PlanningGeneral Information
ROI, Budget Planning and Measuring OutcomesGeneral Information
Role of AT Reuse in Disasters- Select -
The Future of AT Reuse ProgramsGeneral Information
Planning for Future: Sustaining AT Reuse ProgramsGeneral Information
Kansas Medicaid ExperienceCapacity Building
Policies & Procedures Checklist - Governance & MgtManagement
Policies and Procedures Checklist -- AccountingGeneral Information
Policies & Procedures Checklist - Human ResourcesGeneral Information
Policies & Procedures Checklist - MarketingGeneral Information
Policies & Procedures Checklist -- User ServicesGeneral Information
Emergency Preparedness Aids General Information
Accounting Worksheets and ReportsAccounting Operations
Insurance for Reuse ProgramsRisk Assessment
National Leadership Summit on EM & AT ReuseGeneral Information
Guidelines for Reporting and Writing Community Awareness
OSHA's Bloodborne Pathogens Standard and AT Reuse Sanitization
Training Workers to Use People First LanguageContinuity of Operations
July 2010 Webinar: Planning a Sanitization ProgramSanitization
FODAC Responds to Haiti Earthquake- Select -
Continuity of Operations PlanningContinuity of Operations
Developing Job Descriptions: Webinar Work PackageGeneral Information
Using the IQ-ATR to Improve the Reuse ProgramQuality Indicators
Continuity of Operations Planning - Jan. Webinar Continuity of Operations
Making the Business Case for AT ReuseOutcomes
FEMA Region IV Summit on AT Reuse & Emergency MgtGeneral Information
Business and Strategic PlansGeneral Information
Higher Education Programs in Emergency Management- Select -
Electronic Waste Laws and AT ReuseRecycling
Expanding AT Reuse Through PartnershipsGeneral Information
Measuring Outcomes: Webinar Package for Dec 2011Customer Follow-up
Medicaid: A Look at Reuse in Current Programs
What You Need to Know about Program AccreditationGeneral Information
Education, Training and Certifications Training & Development
AT Reuse in Medicaid
Partnering with University Programs for Training
Visit Reuse Programs from Your DeskGeneral Information
OSHA Training Applicable to Reuse ProgramsTraining & Development
Create an Employee Orientation PresentationGeneral Information