Articles for Implementer

Topic Category
San 1 - Introduction to Sanitization GuideSanitization
San 3 - Organisms that Cause DiseaseSanitization
San 5 - Basic Cleaning ProceduresSanitization
San 6 - Handwashing HygieneSanitization
Sanitization - Cleaning a Manual WheelchairSanitization
Sanitization - Cleaning a Power Wheelchair Sanitization
Sanitization - Cleaning Oxygen ConcentratorsSanitization
Sanitization - Cleaning CPAP EquipmentSanitization
Sanitization - Cleaning NebulizersSanitization
Sanitization - Cleaning a Hospital BedSanitization
Sanitization - Cleaning Bathroom AT DevicesSanitization
Sanitization - Cleaning Computer, Keyboard, MouseSanitization
Sanitization - Cleaning Canes, Crutches & WalkersSanitization
Refurbish Computer: Intro to Digital Data RemovalRefurbishing Computers
Refurbish Computer: Terminology of Data StorageRefurbishing Computers
Refurbish Computer: Removing Data from Hard DrivesRefurbishing Computers
Refurbish Computer: Restoring Operating SystemRefurbishing Computers
Refurbish Cell Phone: How to remove dataRefurbishing Computers
Refurbish PDA: How to remove stored dataRefurbishing Computers
Job DescriptionsGeneral Information
Intake Workflow - Request for Assistive TechnologyCustomer Intake
Checklist - Maintain equipment inventoryInventory Management
Matching - WF: Assign AT to New UserMatching
Durable Medical Equipment: User Intake PackagesCustomer Intake
Intake - Telephone Referral Customer Intake
Donations: Tips for Accepting or Refusing Acquisitions/Donations
Checklist - Sanitizing Durable Medical EquipmentSanitization
Checklist - Removing Data from Digital DevicesRefurbishing Computers
Repair/ Refurbish: Manual WheelchairsRefurbishing DME
Evaluate Equipment - Scooter Equipment Evaluation
Evaluate Equipment - Manual Wheelchair Equipment Evaluation
Evaluate Equipment - Power WheelchairEquipment Evaluation
Evaluate Equipment - Patient Lifter Equipment Evaluation
Evaluate Equipment - Home Care Bed Equipment Evaluation
Evaluate Equipment - Mobility and Positioning Equipment Evaluation
Inventory Management - Inventory Retrieval Inventory Management
Intake - Explanation of Services OfferedCustomer Intake
Web Sites - Accessibility & Assistance for UsersWeb Exchange
Training - Selecting and Fitting CanesMatching
Training - Fitting CrutchesMatching
AT Device Delivery Equipment Delivery
AT Device SalesMatching
Assigned Device - Delivery, Liability ReleasUser Training
Community Awareness - Developing a StrategyCommunity Awareness
Compensation - Determining Reasonable CompensationCompensation
Employee Benefits for Small OrganizationsBenefits
Employees - Recruiting ApplicantsRecruitment
Employee Performance EvaluationPerformance Evaluation
Donations - Sources of Equipment Acquisitions/Donations
Awareness - Using Flyers and CardsCommunity Awareness
Awareness - Using Print Ads and PromotionCommunity Awareness
Checklist - Matching User to ATMatching
Checklist - Technical AssistanceTechnical Assistance
Checklist - User IntakeCustomer Intake
Checklist - Website OperationsWeb Exchange
Checklist - Follow-up, New userCustomer Follow-up
Checklist - Device Purchase or GiftMatching
Storage - Guidelines for Space UtilizationFacilities
Screening Job ApplicantsRecruitment
New Employee ProceduresGeneral Information
Employee Resignation, How to handleLegal Compliance
User Manuals for Mobility EquipmentGeneral Information
Using Google Earth in Wake of Natural DisasterDisaster Recovery
Press Releases, How to UseGeneral Information
Getting Donations of High Demand, Lightly Used DMECommunity Awareness
Getting High Cost DME Including Bariatric DevicesCommunity Awareness
Linking Recipients of New AT with Reuse EffortsAcquisitions/Donations
Planning a Reuse Donation DriveGeneral Information
Handheld Technology as Aids for Daily LivingGeneral Information
Donation Pickup in Time of Tragedy or GriefAcquisitions/Donations
Working with Funeral Directors to Acquire Used ATCommunity Awareness
Hands-on Computer Maintenance TrainingRefurbishing Computers
How to Locate Reputable E-Waste RecyclersRecycling
Explaining the Reuse Program to the PublicCommunity Awareness
Reuse and Recycling of Computers, Model ProgramsRefurbishing Computers
Computer User GroupsRefurbishing Computers
Refurbishing Computers - Software SourcesRefurbishing Computers
Building Statewide AT Reuse Program on ShoestringGeneral Information
AT Reutilization for Independent Living CentersGeneral Information
Increasing Donations of Targeted EquipmentGeneral Information
AT Reuse and People with Cognitive DisabilitiesGeneral Information
Role of AT Reuse in Emergency PreparednessDisaster Recovery
Reuse & Convergence of Telecom and Multimedia General Information
What a difference one computer can make!General Information
How to Coordinate an AT Conference in Your StateStakeholder Engagement
AT Exchange for Public Schools to Share DevicesGeneral Information
Ensuring the Safety of People Who Use AACDisaster Recovery
Marketing Strategies & Solutions for Reuse ProgramGeneral Information
Inventory -- Classification of AT DevicesInventory Management
Shipping OptionsTransportation
Recycling -- Explaining the Reuse-Recycle DecisionRecycling
Sanitization: Automated Cleaning EquipmentSanitization
Intake: Fitted Mobility DevicesCustomer Intake
DME InvoiceAccounting Operations
Goldman and Heake Join PIOC TeamGeneral Information
Using Letters to Reach Out to Market Segments Community Awareness
Measuring Customer SatisfactionCustomer Follow-up
Emergency Communication Aids General Information
The National AT Reuse SceneGeneral Information
Tracking Inventory and DataInventory Management
Matching Persons to EquipmentMatching
E-Waste and End-of-Life RecyclingRecycling
Sanitizing and Evaluating EquipmentSanitization
Computer RefurbishingRefurbishing Computers
Marketing Your AT Reuse ProgramGeneral Information
Quality Indicators, Identifying New Skills, NeedsQuality Indicators
Succession Planning as a Key Sustainability StrateLong-term Planning
Resources for New or Existing Reuse ProgramsGeneral Information
How to Write Policies and ProceduresGeneral Information
Using Web Sites for More Effective CommunicationCommunity Awareness
Donation EventsPromotion
A Closer Look at Fees and the Funding MixFunding Strategies