Articles for Program Operations

Topic Category
San 1 - Introduction to Sanitization GuideSanitization
San 2 - The Language of CleaningSanitization
San 3 - Organisms that Cause DiseaseSanitization
San 4 - Selecting Cleaning ProductsSanitization
San 5 - Basic Cleaning ProceduresSanitization
San 6 - Handwashing HygieneSanitization
Sanitization - Cleaning a Manual WheelchairSanitization
Sanitization - Cleaning a Power Wheelchair Sanitization
Sanitization - Cleaning Oxygen ConcentratorsSanitization
Sanitization - Cleaning CPAP EquipmentSanitization
Sanitization - Cleaning NebulizersSanitization
Sanitization - Cleaning a Hospital BedSanitization
Sanitization - Cleaning Bathroom AT DevicesSanitization
Sanitization - Cleaning Computer, Keyboard, MouseSanitization
Sanitization - Cleaning Canes, Crutches & WalkersSanitization
Refurbish Computer: Intro to Digital Data RemovalRefurbishing Computers
Refurbish Computer: Terminology of Data StorageRefurbishing Computers
Refurbish Digital Devices: Data Standards/LawsRefurbishing Computers
Refurbish Computer: Removing Data from Hard DrivesRefurbishing Computers
Refurbish Computer: Restoring Operating SystemRefurbishing Computers
Refurbish Cell Phone: How to remove dataRefurbishing Computers
Refurbish PDA: How to remove stored dataRefurbishing Computers
Checklist - Maintain equipment inventoryInventory Management
Donations: Tips for Accepting or Refusing Acquisitions/Donations
Checklist - Sanitizing Durable Medical EquipmentSanitization
Checklist - Removing Data from Digital DevicesRefurbishing Computers
Repair/ Refurbish: Manual WheelchairsRefurbishing DME
Evaluate Equipment - Scooter Equipment Evaluation
Evaluate Equipment - Manual Wheelchair Equipment Evaluation
Evaluate Equipment - Power WheelchairEquipment Evaluation
Evaluate Equipment - Patient Lifter Equipment Evaluation
Checklist - AT Equipment Web Sites, SupportingAcquisitions/Donations
Evaluate Equipment - Home Care Bed Equipment Evaluation
Evaluate Equipment - Mobility and Positioning Equipment Evaluation
Inventory Management - Inventory Retrieval Inventory Management
Web Site Ops - Types of Equipment Accepted/NotAcquisitions/Donations
Donations - Sources of Equipment Acquisitions/Donations
Checklist - StorageFacilities
Inventory Management - Tracking SoftwareInventory Management
Storage - 13 Steps for Highly Effective StorageFacilities
Storage - Guidelines for Space UtilizationFacilities
Donations - Needed Policies and ProceduresAcquisitions/Donations
Inventory -- Policies and Procedures NeededInventory Management
Recycling: End-of-life alternativesRecycling
User Manuals for Mobility EquipmentGeneral Information
Donation Pickup in Time of Tragedy or GriefAcquisitions/Donations
Working with Funeral Directors to Acquire Used ATCommunity Awareness
Hands-on Computer Maintenance TrainingRefurbishing Computers
How to Locate Reputable E-Waste RecyclersRecycling
Reuse and Recycling of Computers, Model ProgramsRefurbishing Computers
Computer User GroupsRefurbishing Computers
Refurbishing Computers - Software SourcesRefurbishing Computers
Building Statewide AT Reuse Program on ShoestringGeneral Information
Increasing Donations of Targeted EquipmentGeneral Information
STAR Network - Promoting AT Reuse in SoutheastGeneral Information
AT Exchange for Public Schools to Share DevicesGeneral Information
Classification of AT Reuse ActivitiesGeneral Information
Inventory -- Classification of AT DevicesInventory Management
Shipping OptionsTransportation
Recycling -- Explaining the Reuse-Recycle DecisionRecycling
Sanitization: Automated Cleaning EquipmentSanitization
Applicability of Food & Drug Act to AT ReuseAcquisitions/Donations
STAR Network: Building a Regional AT Reuse NetworkGeneral Information
CDC Guidelines for DisinfectionSanitization
Tracking Inventory and DataInventory Management
E-Waste and End-of-Life RecyclingRecycling
Sanitizing and Evaluating EquipmentSanitization
Computer RefurbishingRefurbishing Computers
OSHA's Bloodborne Pathogens Standard and AT Reuse Sanitization
July 2010 Webinar: Planning a Sanitization ProgramSanitization
Electronic Waste Laws and AT ReuseRecycling
Visit Reuse Programs from Your DeskGeneral Information